Challenges today’s marketing decision-makers face

Today’s marketing landscape is constantly undergoing change. From changes in traditional approaches to trends in continuously evolving technology, the marketing process has gotten pretty complex. Years ago, the traditional marketing channels were heavily segregated from online marketing but today there really needs to be a comprehensive strategy. This is but one challenge today’s marketers face. What other issues are marketers dealing with?

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Balancing the ‘science’ and ‘art’ of marketing

Creative marketing is an important part of the equation but, as you know, there are many moving parts.  Digital campaigns are an essential part of today's marketing strategies, however, when integrating your technology you should take care not to lose sight of the broader picture.

Data is what drives decisions, but today's CMOs must be careful not to stray from their overall strategic vision. In an Adage piece dated Nov. 16, 2016, it is noted one challenge CMOs face is getting too caught up in the scientific aspect of marketing. In other words, be sure to keep sight of the “art” of marketing too.
  • Be careful not to solely focus on delivering messages, keep a strong emphasis on what the original message is meant to convey
  • Strike a careful balance between science and creativity
  •  Pay attention to the emotional aspects of marketing, i.e. brand storytelling
  •  Keep your eyes on the overall strategic goals at all times
Tech tends to rapidly change and what audiences tune into today can be wildly different tomorrow. By keeping a firm hold on the brand's identity and message, this helps CMOs to successfully deliver it, no matter what the delivery method is currently being used or what the numbers currently say. Ultimately, by staying true to your brand, there will be little to no effect, just minor shifts and tweaks along the journey.

Weighing data and strategy

Marketers must face the challenge of being able to technically execute their marketing plans on a day-to-day basis while simultaneously keeping long-term marketing goals in mind, primarily developing and nurturing the organization's brand equity and value. 

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No doubt about it, big data is a valuable tool, however, it shouldn't replace good marketing strategy. It's important to extract the useful information that can be derived and not get too caught up in the details where it takes away from the core fundamentals of marketing. Marketers should keep this in mind as they implement their technology and make their purchasing decisions.

Managing technology

One challenge CMOs are faced with is when to invest in technology. Should they consistently invest in emerging tech or should they wait it out and see what happens with other organizations? Sticking with proven technology has its benefits, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Sometimes, you can’t afford to take the risk. 

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At the same time, you also don't want to fall too behind in the industry and operate under antiquated processes that put you way behind the competition. It's a tricky balance sometimes deciding which trends to follow and which ones to wait out before jumping on the proverbial wagon. Then there is something also to be said for being the trendsetter yourself by uncovering the untapped methods and/or not yet discovered marketing advances.

CMOs today have challenges their counterparts in earlier decades didn’t have to face. It can be difficult to keep up the ability to be agile with rapid transformations taking place, while at the same time, sticking to tried and true marketing approaches.

However, by identifying some of the major problems and finding ways to counteract them, marketers can cross some of these hurdles and better position their brands.


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