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Reasons why high staff turnover can occur

High staff turnover might occur in an organization for any number of reasons. However, if a business is experiencing a higher degree of turnover than it anticipates, or can afford, it is well worth the time to explore the possible contributors that might be leading to that revolving door.

Pros and cons of cross training employees

Cross training employees have become a popular managerial approach. There are many advantages to this kind of initiative but as with anything else, it's of value to recognize the drawbacks too.

Impact of internal fraud on small businesses

Internal fraud is a big business problem. According to research published by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), about 5 percent of revenue is lost each year to fraud (on average, an organization loses $140,000 a year). Looking at it from a global perspective, it is projected organizations could collectively lose $3.5 trillion due to fraudulent activity.