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Easy ways to identify and avoid people who gossip at work

Office gossip has a tendency to cause strife in the workplace. People who aren't careful may find themselves amidst a sea of gossip. This can cause irrevocable damage to one's personal or professional life. Once getting actively involved in the rumor mill, it is often hard to pull away from the perpetrators of gossip. The best way to avoid getting caught up in workplace gossip is to stay clear of it in the first place.

Can a person be infected by a computer virus?

Twenty years ago people would have thought the idea of a person becoming infected with a computer virus would be a story out of a science fiction movie. Today, being tech is progressing to new heights, perhaps not so much. That being said, is it really possible for a person to be infected by a computer virus?

These bad habits can ruin your work reputation

Habits perceived negatively in the workplace can end up ruining your professional reputation. The level of professionalism and demeanor carried in the workplace is noticed. People who spend their days not grooming their professional image and/or have tendencies to act inappropriately can do long-term or even permanent damage to their work reputation. Wondering what types of habits could come back to bite you in the butt? Read on.

Questions you should ask before hiring an outsourcing partner

Outsourcing is a cost-effective, and often feasible, means of doing business. As competition in various markets increase, businesses need to put a focus on their core competencies. As a result, some of the more mundane tasks may become overwhelming, prompting companies to look to hire out these tasks. Or, a company may outsource a process because another company has a stronger specialization or expertise that would be costly to construct within their own organization.

In our mobile age, are laptops obsolete?

It's no big secret, technology is a fast-paced industry that continues to make great strides in development, coming up with amazing devices or capabilities as time marches forward. Any time a new device, or upgrade to an existing tech, is released, its successor is pretty much already in development. 

Causes and effects of workplace gossip

Organizations plagued by workplace gossip often find problems with morale, productivity, and ultimately, perhaps even profitability. There are many causes and effects associated with workplace gossip. One of the biggest issues connected with office gossip is the fact the rumors (whether true or not) can spread quickly and have many negative repercussions.

The impact of false tweets

A false tweet has a tendency to take on a life of its own...

Every day, millions of people, either news outlets or readers, share tweets that have the potential to have an impact on society. Its simplicity in only allowing 280 characters per tweet (formerly 140 characters) led the social network to become widely used for news reporting. While many tweets have broken and continue to break important news, unfortunately, there can be some negative consequences to sharing unvetted information this way.