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Ways businesses use deceptive advertising

Deceptive advertising is bad business practice, yet some business owners or managerial decision makers still opt to engage in this kind of behavior, which is generally considered to be unethical. Those who involve themselves in false presentations are almost always caught and exposed. And, in the end, no one has really benefited from it, not the advertiser and certainly not the consumer.

How branded entertainment became a staple in commercial advertising

Advertising has been around almost as long as products have been sold. While the trends of commercial advertising have evolved significantly over the years, the one constant is that companies will follow trends of where consumers will see their messages about their products. "Advertainment", also known as branded entertainment, is one trend that has picked up a lot of attention.

How to write a winning executive summary

By definition, an executive summary is a small component of a larger report. The executive summary is supposed to be written as a concise document which summarizes the highlights of and extracts key information from the long report. If you need to write an executive summary, your best bet is to learn the proper format and understand what it means to summarize.

Understanding the basics of a limited liability company (LLC)

There are three primary structures for a business, sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. However, there is a fourth option called a limited liability company, or sometimes referred to as a legal liability corporation.

Why businesses should focus on maintaining consumer confidence

Consumer confidence can be lost for a variety of reasons. Reasons for loss of customer confidence may range from selling faulty products to experiences where poor customer service was received. One of the largest reasons a company will lose customer confidence is when it possesses an inability to handle complaints and solve problems. These days companies also face the challenge of maintaining trust in light of the growing incidences of data breaches.