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Need to stop your habitual lateness to work? Learn how to be a morning person

Once the sun goes down and the temperature drops, are you someone who suddenly finds yourself coming to life? The evening air exhilarates you and you find during these late hours you are at your very best in getting things done? You've spent most of your life as a night owl and the mere thought of being a morning person to make it on time to work is disconcerting.

What is a relational database?

A relational database is an organized system that holds vast amounts of information encompassing many categories. While there are several different database structures, the relational model is by far the most popular, at least at this point in time.

Why scare tactics are never a good strategy to boost employee productivity

During times of economic uncertainty when jobs come at a premium, everyone is under stress. Business owners, managers and other executives are under pressure to try and maintain a healthy financial outlook, often having to report to shareholders. On the employee front, people are worried about keeping their jobs or pay cuts or loss of other benefits.