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4 reasons why honesty is critical for business success

A business is only as successful if it can attract customers to buy its products or services. If a company cannot attract people to turn to them to fulfill their needs, they won't be able to profit and flourish.

Ways social media has changed advertising

Social media has had a significant impact on society. Initially, the platform was a way for people to connect and/or reconnect with one another, but over the course of time the concept has expanded to so much more.

How to show customer appreciation during the holidays

Customer appreciation ideally should be an all-year occurrence for any business, however the holidays are a time where an extra boost in acknowledgment and gratitude is a nice idea to spread good will. Without loyal customers a business will struggle to survive, never mind thrive. Making a focused effort to show customers much they are valued can go a long way.

How strategic alliance partnerships benefit business

Strategic partnerships can be very beneficial to companies that are looking to expand or meet specific objectives. In a business environment where companies have to really hone in on their strengths and minimize their weaknesses, strategic alliances make good business sense. Businesses that partner with others can use the alliance to complement their own capabilities and resources, expand leverage and get the potential to tap into both domestic and international markets they didn't have access to before.