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Why startup companies are targeted by cybercrime

Security experts say startup companies are most targeted by cybercriminals. A 2013 report by CNN said exploiters "can sniff out" new startup companies as quickly as two months after they are launched. Sometimes even immediately. The information came from a study, "2013 Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 18", put out by Symantec, a software security company.

Establish a loyal brand following through specialization

Specialization in business is when a company focuses on a precise area of the commercial market. Companies that specialize in a niche market area put their energy and resources into producing and/or promoting that particular product or service.

The economics of spam: How it affects everyone

Spam is defined as email that is unsolicited by the recipient. Aside from the annoyance factor, spam is a significant problem and can be a pricey one. Spam clogs up bandwidth space and this is costly to ISP's, businesses and consumers. Additionally, it also causes issues with computer and/or network performance. Not to mention how it severely impacts the legitimate organizations or individuals sending out large email distributions.

Thinking of expanding to a new location? What to consider

Adding a new location to expand your business is a great opportunity that could prove beneficial on many levels. You can grow your brand, publicize your name to a broader area and, since the ultimate goal is profitability, increase your current revenue.