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What to consider before purchasing an existing business

Opening your own business is an exciting time. Many people relish in the idea of being their own boss and having a higher level of control in their jobs. These reasons are two of the many to look forward to when enjoying the many benefits that accompany becoming an entrepreneur.

Why text messaging is a good promotional tool

In today’s digital-centric world, text messaging has long been a staple in daily communications for many people. They use it to make plans, send short messages (and even sometimes long conversations!) and to simply touch base with family and friends. But what many do not often consider is that text messaging can also be used as a promotional tool.

Can 'too much' tech create negative customer experiences?

Technology is second nature in today's business environments. It's unusual in today's world to find a business that operates solely on old-fashioned cash registers and does not take credit cards. While there are a few out there, those establishments are far from the norm.

Why businesses should invest in email marketing

Email promotion is a popular marketing channel for many reasons. Different email techniques are used by marketers to reach their target markets or already established customers. If designed correctly, email marketing campaigns can be very successfulin any given industry. However, if poorly conceived, a campaign is likely to be ineffective and a waste of energy and resources.

How deceptive advertising hurts businesses

Ever deal with a company that tries to sell you a bogus deal or a poor quality product? Or maybe you have seen they just aren't being truthful? If you have, from the customer perspective, you know deceptive advertising is poor business practice.

Pros and cons of a limited liability company (LLC)

The limited liability company is a relatively new kind of business structure in the United States, although in other parts of the world, such as Europe and South America, this type of business structure has been around for some time. Fundamentally, the limited liability company, or LLC, combines the best of other business structures to provide business owners with another kind of opportunity to structure their business.