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What to do if a company wants you back after a layoff

If you've ever been laid off you understand the feelings of devastation that pink slip or termination letter can bring. Getting laid off from a job is probably one of the most stressful events you can ever deal with over the course of your life. While unemployment is hitting its lowest point since 1969, it's not inconceivable at some point down the road we could end up in another recession with a rocky job market. This kind of economic uncertainty can lead to hard decisions needing to be made.

What are interpersonal skills and how do they apply in the workplace?

Interpersonal skills are attributes that fall into the category of “soft skills”. These are inborn traits, usually not the type of thing a person will learn from reading textbooks. Yet, they are the types of characteristics employers such as yourself probably actively seek. According to Coursera, 93 percent of employers consider soft skills as "essential" or "very important" factor as they go through their hiring process.

Biggest online distractions at work that affect productivity

Ever since computers and the internet have entered the workplace, the online distractions for employees have increased significantly. Obviously, computers are a very useful tool and most businesses rely on these and other technologies to conduct transactions and run other operational processes. The downside is computers, gadgets and the internet tend to become time-consuming when distractions or temptations occur.

How to write business letters that get results

If you want to write an effective business letter that gets results, you'll want to keep traditional business communication concepts in mind as you construct your document. While email dominates communication these days, the old tried-and-true methods of business writing still apply. Bottom line, you still want to ensure a message is correctly delivered and received.

Work got you burnt out? Here are 5 ways to manage it

Job burnout is a common occurrence in many workplaces, and it can emerge in a variety of ways. Occasionally, the burnout happens spontaneously after a short rough period at work, but this is rarer. In most instances, burnout has built up slowly and the signs aren't as obvious until it is too late and the person is already experiencing the effects.