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Why emergency preparedness is important for small businesses

Over the last two decades emergency preparedness for business has emerged as a prominent topic. Planning for unexpected emergencies is not a new issue, but it is one that has begun to go beyond the talking stages and brought into action by many organizations. Yet, despite this progress, there is still a long way to go. Many small businesses still do not establish a disaster plan.

Useful and important information to include on your business cards

A business card is a valuable tool and is useful for both marketing and networking. A professionally designed card with all the right information can be a great portable advertisement for both you and/or your company.

6 differences between management and financial accounting

People who do not routinely engage in accounting practices may initially think that financial and managerial accounting are the same thing. On the surface, the actual crunching the numbers associated with financial data has a lot of similarities because both accounting types use much of the same data.

Optimizing your website’s landing page

User experience should always be at the forefront when developing a website. If the experience is poor, visitors will quickly move on, probably to a competitor. According to Hubspot, if visitors leave a site without going beyond the landing page, it suggests they either didn’t find what they were seeking or they arrived on a page where the user-experience was unfriendly.

Why integrity is important in business

Integrity in business is one of those things that shouldn't be ignored. The days of cut-throat tactics with customers (and employees) are gone. The level of integrity a business acts with can be directly correlated with success because those organizations with a strong code of ethics, one that is immersed in their culture, are more likely to shine above the rest.