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Challenges today’s marketing decision-makers face

Today’s marketing landscape is constantly undergoing change. From changes in traditional approaches to trends in continuously evolving technology, the marketing process has gotten pretty complex. Years ago, the traditional marketing channels were heavily segregated from online marketing but today there really needs to be a comprehensive strategy. This is but one challenge today’s marketers face. What other issues are marketers dealing with?

Tips for conducting an exit interview

An exit interview is a useful tool for employers when employees are leaving the organization. This get-together is a final meeting to finalize details and obtain feedback from employees who are leaving their job. Generally, exit interviews are scheduled on the employee's last day or two of work.

This meeting gives both the employer and the employee to tie up any loose ends such as returning IDs, badges, keys, or any other company property. Also the employer has the opportunity to ask their soon-to-be former employee some questions, and the exiting employee can review his or her file to ensure things are in order. Additionally, both parties can finish filling out any paperwork that needs additional information or signatures.
The information provided by employees who are leaving can be invaluable information that can help shape the future of the company or agency. The meeting is a good opportunity for the employer to learn since current employees are less likely to be open and fran…

How mobile marketing has evolved over the years

Nowadays, mobile is such an integral part of our lives, most people probably don’t stop to think that, in the scheme of things, it’s a relatively new technology. Not exactly brand new, as mobile is clearly well-established in our society, however, it’s not been until the past two decades the technology has really taken off. And, it’s not until the last decade that businesses have figured out ways to use it to market to their customer bases. These days it's hard to imagine a day without mobile. Here is a look at the evolution of mobile marketing.