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Benefits of providing employee benefits

As an owner or hiring manager of a business, you want to hire the top talent, right? If so, it’s in both yours and your employees’ best interest to include a benefits package. According to 2016 statistics, three in five applicants (57 percent) reported benefits and perks being top considerations before accepting a job offer.

Can habitual lateness hurt your career?

Habitual late arrivers to work can hurt their careers in many ways. In many Western societies, workers who are consistently tardy for start times, meetings, conferences, appointments or returns from lunch hours, can be looked upon as unprofessional, incompetent, disrespectful and even rude.

Once a person gets a reputation for being late all the time, he or she could not only place a current job in jeopardy, but also blacklist themselves from future opportunities. In cultures where a high value is placed on time, it would be pretty difficult to obtain a good recommendation or reference from an employer who was displeased with habitual lateness.
Hurt one's professional reputation A worker who is constantly late in the work environment is likely going to annoy bosses and colleagues and quickly gain a poorly perceived reputation in the workplace. Other people may perceive them as unprofessional, incompetent or as not being a team player. Aside from current bosses being displeased, it&…

What is a clickwrap agreement license?

As products and services became available in digital form or on the internet it created a dilemma with traditional terms of use agreements. The clickwrap agreement emerged as a popular method to finalize terms of purchase, service or product use.

Social media trends for businesses in 2018

As 2018 begins, it’s no big secret the popularity of social media continues have an impact, and it’ll be increasingly important to carefully select which networks to invest efforts. Once the right avenues are identified, knowing which marketing trends are moving forward and which ones are dying is a necessity. 

If you’re looking for ideas to integrate into your social media marketing strategy and keep up with the times, here are some trends experts suggest will matter in 2018.