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Choosing the right MBA program for you

Deciding to pursue an MBA degree program is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be made lightly because it is a demanding program. You’ll also have expensive tuition and, more than likely, left with a graduate student loan to consider.

Once you’ve made the decision that an MBA degree is the path you want to pursue, you’ll want to pinpoint the degree structure and type of coursework you want to study. Those are the keys to finding the best MBA program for you.

Click fraud: Its effects and why they are long-reaching

Internet users commit click fraud when they click on ads to intentionally generate payment from a business for a viewed ad. Click fraud can be accomplished by humans physically clicking on ads or by using computer programs (bots) to generate false traffic. While some might think this is not a big deal, the problems caused by click fraud can be long-reaching.

Engaging in click fraud is considered to be unethical because of the artificial traffic sent to the website hosting the ads. It has also become a significant problem for businesses that spend large amounts of their budgeted money on web advertising.
Artificial click fraud One way click fraud is done is by individuals or groups looking to inflate ad share revenues on a web page for personal gain or to drive up competitor prices by using human or robotic clicks. There is also wide scale artificial click fraud occurring (in addition to businesses, some writers can likely attest to this one having fallen victim themselves). This kind …

5 things to avoid putting on your resume

Your resume is essentially your sales pitch to help sell yourself to potential employers. That being the case, you want to be very careful selecting the information to include on your resume. Typically, most employers scan a resume and decide within seconds whether or not the document is worth taking a full look.

Business advantages to giving away freebies

Marketers have long-time considered freebies to be an attractive way to advertise. In marketing circles, this approach is considered a way to allow consumers to have the opportunity to "test drive" products (or services) they want to promote. The advantages of giving away freebies to consumers are many for the business.

Introduction to Economics: The Concept of Opportunity Cost

Opportunity cost is an interesting concept of economics because it doesn’t necessarily pertain to money; although it can certainly relate to money. One of the primary principles of opportunity cost is the concept of value.