How flawed website copy can turn customers away

Your business website is the welcome mat for your company. To attract and grow a customer base, you'll want to make your site appealing so visitors will stick around and explore your pages to see what you are offering.
First impressions are critical. If a would-be customer's initial glance at your company's home page is one that gives the perception of low standards, chances are they'll quickly bounce on over to a competitor's page.

Do’s and don'ts of video conferencing

Technology offers multiple opportunities for companies to be able to engage in global business or work with remote employees. As a result, some excellent tools have emerged to help keep people connected and to increase their ability to communicate. Video conferencing has long been a popular way for meetings to be conducted and this is one tech that continues to be used, especially as smart tech continues to progress.

5 ways to increase office morale

A healthy level of morale in the office is beneficial to both management and employees. A good leader puts a priority on striving to keep morale high in the workplace. Employers who place a high level of importance and value in their staff are rewarded with dependable employees who tend to feel a sense of loyalty and pride towards the company.

Why some home businesses fail

Entrepreneurs who plant the seeds to grow their own businesses typically have a vision, drive and are highly motivated to help cultivate their gardens. Without these attributes, it would be very difficult to succeed with a home business because it takes dedication and a serious approach to succeed.

8 steps to writing a good recommendation letter

If asked to write a recommendation letter for someone else, as either a colleague or a character reference, it is important to keep a few key factors in mind before you agree and when actually writing your letter.