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Ways to secure strong customer satisfaction

In today's sales environment the customer is in the driver's seat. Companies can no longer get away with shoddy service, poor quality or making customers wait extraordinary amounts of time. People expect, and can demand, instant results and be able to get it because there are so many other options on the market.

Is your organizational culture contributing to team failure?

Whether or not work teams fail can largely depend upon the organizational culture in a workplace. If there are many problems rooted in the foundation of the organization, when issues arise in the team environment, things can go downhill – sometimes quickly – especially if no intervention is done.

Risks of collecting consumer information

Consumer information is a valuable asset to possess. Businesses collect customer data so it can be sorted, analyzed and then turned into useful information. This ability, often facilitated by technology, can give a business an incredible competitive advantage and it also provides many benefits to the organization.