Why text messaging is a good promotional tool

In today’s digital-centric world, text messaging has long been a staple in daily communications for many people. They use it to make plans, send short messages (and even sometimes long conversations!) and to simply touch base with family and friends. But what many do not often consider is that text messaging can also be used as a promotional tool.
Businesses of all shapes and sizes have begun to leverage short message service (SMS, aka texting) in much the same way people use it for personal purposes.

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Advantages of SMS as a promotional tool

When used properly, text messaging can be a pretty powerful thing to keep in a marketing toolbox. Why is SMS a worthwhile marketing investment? Here’s why (Hat tip Business News Daily)
  • It's opt-in. Since people choose to sign up for SMS promotions, businesses are more assured their content actually wants to be seen, unlike being bombarded with other types of advertisements.
  • People like texting. It’s quick, easy and people naturally tend to look at their phones. Additionally, with geolocation, businesses can better target their customers.
  • Gets speedy results. Unlike traditional mail and even email (face it, these promotionals often land in spam folders or people may wait days to open it), text messages are more likely to be seen in a timely fashion.
  • Is cost-effective. Texting is affordable to reach the masses, especially if you compare the costs of texting versus a television commercial (and in our world of on-demand television, filters, recording shows and the “off” or “change channel” button), texting is probably more likely to be seen).
Additionally, texting is engaging and interactive. There are a number of ways businesses can inspire reactions from consumers.

Ways businesses can use texting

Businesses can take various approaches to leverage SMS. While straightforward advertising texts are definitely an option, creative marketers can also use it to engage in other ways.
  • Alert consumers to sales, or specialized sales for certain groups of customers.
  • Text digital coupons to all or selected groups of customers.
  • Notify people when new products are arriving.
  • Send out polls and/or questionnaires to get valuable feedback from consumers.
  • Keep customers up to date on any expected or unexpected changes.
  • Boost brand loyalty and develop stronger relationships through direct contact with customers.
Additionally, businesses can also use texting to send individual reminders if warranted. For instance, a quick friendly reminder a bill is overdue or a special invitation to an elite event for the most loyal of customers.

Mobile as a marketing channel

Mobile is an important part of daily life in today’s society. Statistics show that mobile continues to steadily be on the uptick. As the growth of mobile continues, companies that do not embrace ways to market via mobile are likely to fall behind their competitors. SMS is one approach that can be a good investment.

In today’s world, people are about ease, speed and convenience. Texting as a marketing tool is a solid way to grab attention. Not only is it a bit more personal than other traditional advertising methods, it is cost-effective and efficient. As an added bonus, it is a way to also increase brand recognition.


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