How to pick a location for a new business

The approach taken when choosing a location for a new business is one of the most important decisions an entrepreneur will make. There are several important factors to consider when determining where a new business will be opened. 

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You'll first want to think about the local market and if there is a place for you to fit. While online sales are great, if you are a brick-and-mortar store and can't attract business locally, this will significantly impact your success. While it's true you can try to market and bring business in, it is a lot easier to get established if there is already a demand for your product or service.  

You'll also want to think about the local market's political, economic, environmental and demographic situations when you pick a location for a new business.


A region's political climate could be welcoming or it could result in an onslaught of hoops to jump through that may not make it worth your while. Before making the final selection for your business location, be sure and research the locals' response to your business and any zoning or regulatory requirements. If you aren't in compliance or it would be costly to be in compliance, the location may not be financially feasible. 


When exploring a location, be sure and think about the economical perspectives. Is the location affordable, or is it in a high-end rent area where you'll have difficulty making ends meet. Is there room for expansion if needed down the road?

Additionally, your product or service should meet the demand of the local economic market. You don't want to offer a high-end service in an area that is struggling economically; consequently you don't want to put a budget-targeted store up in a region where the demand is for high-end products or services. 


The environmental factor is another important consideration because you want to be sure the physical location of the new business can support your business' mission to offer quality service or products to consumers. Here is an area where the federal or local laws may impact your new business' ability to set up shop. Also, the local area may have concerns about environmental impact and this is something you need to consider before even going in. The location should be approved for your kind of business.


Demographics are a critical part of picking a location for a new business. Before making a final decision it is a good idea to consider marketing, any competition, and the hiring of employees. Be sure there is a demand for both your product/service and available staff to hire. If your business has a clear market segment you need to attract, it is of vital importance that demographic resides in the vicinity of your new business so you can advertise and connect with your identified market segment.

Ideally, you want to choose a location where you can effectively fit in with local competition; you don't want to enter a market that is already over-saturated. If there is adequate competition, this is good, and you can work at ways to differentiate yourself from the others to attract business.

Picking a location for a new business can make or break success. It is of value to think about the political, economic, environmental and demographics before making a final decision. Once you do this, you can choose the ideal location for your new business based on your strategic plan.


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