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Useful and important information to include on your business cards

A business card is a valuable tool and is useful for both marketing and networking. A professionally designed card with all the right information can be a great portable advertisement for both you and/or your company.

6 differences between management and financial accounting

People who do not routinely engage in accounting practices may initially think that financial and managerial accounting are the same thing. On the surface, the actual crunching the numbers associated with financial data has a lot of similarities because both accounting types use much of the same data.

Optimizing your website’s landing page

User experience should always be at the forefront when developing a website. If the experience is poor, visitors will quickly move on, probably to a competitor. According to Hubspot, if visitors leave a site without going beyond the landing page, it suggests they either didn’t find what they were seeking or they arrived on a page where the user-experience was unfriendly.

Why integrity is important in business

Integrity in business is one of those things that shouldn't be ignored. The days of cut-throat tactics with customers (and employees) are gone. The level of integrity a business acts with can be directly correlated with success because those organizations with a strong code of ethics, one that is immersed in their culture, are more likely to shine above the rest.

Reasons why live chat can offer a competitive advantage

Live chat features on business websites have grown far past being a nicety. In today's fast-paced society that expects quick results, customers have become increasingly inclined to expect a rapid response to their inquiries. Live chat customer service effectively fills this demand.
Email is great because it is convenient, and telephone options are also important to offer to those who want a more “personal” touch, but the one thing live chat features offer that their predecessors don't is the combination of convenience, personalization and speed. With live chat options, customers get a combination of all three.

How Facebook tells employers if someone is worth hiring

Social media has become thoroughly integrated into the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people. For personal or professional reasons, a large number of this population chooses Facebook as a network of choice.
Every day millions log into Facebook to share information. But Facebook's value is not necessarily all about the socialization, or even the marketing. There are many other reasons why some may find Facebook of use. For instance, many employers seeking to make a hire explore Facebook to get a better look at candidates. Is Facebook the standard screening tool? In a word, yes. In past years, employers used a variety of screening tools but often were unable to find out tidbits of details not shared by potential hires. However, with online socialization so ingrained in today’s society, Facebook has emerged as the new proverbial “background check”. Employers have discovered they can garner a lot of information about people by perusing the popular social network. According to …

Economics: How to differentiate between demand and quantity demanded

Economic theory contains many laws that pertain to the concept of supply and demand. These two basic components are a strong foundation of economic law and theory. For the demand factor, there are variables within the theory of demand. Demand and quantity demanded can be a confusing concept. The reason for this is partially because they sound so similar and, when many people talk about demand, what they really mean is quantity demanded.
Demand The demand segment of economics surrounds the concept of need. Needs are what people see as a requirement in their daily lives. The economic law of demand dictates, all other factors being equal, the more expensive a good, the less of that item people demand. It is this perceived demand that affects the price. When the price of specific goods drop, all other things being equal, people will be more inclined to buy more of those items. 

When demand of an item changes, this means the demand curve shifts. There are a few factors which may influenc…

Reasons not to bring your work problems home

Ever had the experience of coming home so frustrated you fling your possessions on the couch and begin to vent to whoever is around to listen? If so, you aren't alone. Many people bring their work issues home on a daily basis because they’ve either had a bad day, or an unresolved issue or other type of pressure is nagging away at them.

Unfortunately, bringing home your work problems can cause negative drawbacks that may impact the quality of your personal life. While it is helpful to talk out your work problems with your spouse, significant other, family member, friend or another sympathetic ear, by doing this consistently you ensure that your work life spills into your home life and, as a result, many other problems can occur.

Increased stress levels at home
If you are consumed with your work problems when you are out of the workplace you aren’t giving yourself the chance to catch a break. What often happens is the degrees of stress you feel at home tends to become mirrored in y…

Are digital distractions at work a problem?

Online activity is often cited as an issue in the workplace. Each day millions of people have continuous access to a computer or mobile device, and a good percentage of them spend at least some portion of their day putting work aside in favor of other online activities. While many people may only engage in personal business that must be tended to, others intentionally seek out external interests to distract from the workday.

Are digital distractions at work a problem? Seems to be a mixed bag.

Social Networking
In 2014 a survey conducted by Robert Half Management Resources asked the question, “Which one of the following is the greatest time-waster at work for employees?” Thirty-two percent responded non-business related Internet use (this included social media, but did not include personal email).

Facebook is likely today's biggest online distraction in the workplace, but it's not the only social network site that draws attention. Other social networks and niche-oriented sites …

Why is punctuality important?

If you've worked in the western culture you know professionals tend to operate on a monochronic time philosophy, meaning the work day is dictated by the clock. Appointments are scheduled and are expected to take place on time. Generally, lateness is typically frowned down upon.

Benefits of linking SOX requirements to business strategy

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was a motion made by U.S. Congress in 2002. The proposal was passed into law as a preventative means to increase financial transparency and mitigate fraud in corporate business. This law was a reaction to corporate scandals such as Enron, Tyco and WorldCom. While this law created a huge burden on organizations, many found ways to use SOX and apply it to their business strategies.

How to successfully telecommute from home

Telecommuting is a great opportunity for employees who are offered the chance to do it. Many businesses have realized the benefits of telecommuting and, as a result, offer this option to employees. While it isn’t for everyone, for many it is a great experience.

Allowing employees the ability to work from home is often a cost-savings measure for employers because telecommuting often increases productivity and helps retain the best employees. With these cost-effective advantages, employers are passing on the opportunity to their employees and many people are jumping at the chance to work from home.

Some of the benefits that come with a telecommuting position are:
AutonomyFlexibilitySavings on commuting costsReduction of stress (for some) While there are many pros and cons associated with telecommuting, for many people the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. The key to maximizing these advantages is to develop strategies to help you succeed. You can best do this by customizing your days to …

How to use social media to create better customer experiences

Social media rapidly found itself a niche in our modern fast-paced and tech-oriented society. Over the years social media has undergone tremendous change and, nowadays, a high percentage of people spend large amounts of time on social networks for personal and business reasons.

Is cyberloafing a problem for employers?

Over the past few years the buzz word "cyberloafing" has appeared in many circles. According to Webopedia, the term is a slang word that describes employees who spend their working hours engaging in online activities that do not have anything to do with work.

In March 2013, U.S. News reported on a study published by Kansas State University. The research
found between 60 and 80 percent of people cyberloaf. Also sometimes referred to as "cyberslacking", some say this has become a real problem when it comes to the level of productivity; others say -- not so much.
What are Cyberloafers Doing? Employees that cyberloaf are involved with a number of different activities which are fall into two general categories: entertainment and personal business.

In the leisure realm of things, people tend to engage in:
Social media Online games Video watching, streaming and viewing live events Instant messaging applications to chat with family and friends. Personal busi…

Courtesy: A winning strategy for promoting

People who publish content on the web generally want to be read. Be it a marketer, writer or anyone else. If they wanted their thoughts or the information they have to remain private they'd keep a personal journal or write on their word processors and let dust collect on their thoughts as they wither

How Demings’ Plan-Do-Act-Cycle applies to today’s business environment

In the 1950s W. Edwards Deming constructed the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. Deming developed this model on the basis of quality, and his assertion was that when processes are placed in a continuous feedback loop this increases the quality of service and products to customers.

Ways Facebook outages have a ripple effect on other companies

From time to time Facebook suffers outages. With so many people dependent upon the network these days, and a 1 billion+ membership, any downtime is definitely noticed.

Oh #!*! Using profanity in business communications

Correspondence in the workplace should be conveyed on a level that demonstrates professionalism. Profanity is most often than not, inappropriate in business correspondence. Using profanity in business communications reflects on the organization as being unprofessional or sloppy.

What is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002? An overview

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was a motion by Congress to increase financial transparency and reduce fraud of publicly held companies. This law was passed immediately (2002) after a series of corporate scandals, most notably, Enron. Often referred to as "SOX", this compliance law has become deeply ingrained in the corporate sector.

Benefits of age diversity in the workplace

Today's workplace pool has a lot more age diversity than it had in generations past. People are retiring later and many now working years, sometimes decades, past the former 55 to 65 age range for retirement.This means careers are stretching a lot longer than they used to and it has changed workforce demographics.

As the first decade of the new millennium came to a close, for the first time in the United States there were four generations coming together as colleagues - veterans, baby boomers, generation X and millennials (and now generation Z is also beginning to enter the workforce too). In 2015 millenials became the largest working population.

Each generation brings its own unique attributes to an organization.
Differing ideas and approaches With diversity typically comes innovation, fresh ideas and, yes, sometimes there is conflict too. However, if everyone agreed on everything, there would never be any new ideas or alternative perspectives considered when going through the d…

What to consider before purchasing an existing business

Opening your own business is an exciting time. Many people relish in the idea of being their own boss and having a higher level of control in their jobs. These reasons are two of the many to look forward to when enjoying the many benefits that accompany becoming an entrepreneur.

Why text messaging is a good promotional tool

In today’s digital-centric world, text messaging has long been a staple in daily communications for many people. They use it to make plans, send short messages (and even sometimes long conversations!) and to simply touch base with family and friends. But what many do not often consider is that text messaging can also be used as a promotional tool.

Can 'too much' tech create negative customer experiences?

Technology is second nature in today's business environments. It's unusual in today's world to find a business that operates solely on old-fashioned cash registers and does not take credit cards. While there are a few out there, those establishments are far from the norm.

Why businesses should invest in email marketing

Email promotion is a popular marketing channel for many reasons. Different email techniques are used by marketers to reach their target markets or already established customers. If designed correctly, email marketing campaigns can be very successfulin any given industry. However, if poorly conceived, a campaign is likely to be ineffective and a waste of energy and resources.

How deceptive advertising hurts businesses

Ever deal with a company that tries to sell you a bogus deal or a poor quality product? Or maybe you have seen they just aren't being truthful? If you have, from the customer perspective, you know deceptive advertising is poor business practice.

Pros and cons of a limited liability company (LLC)

The limited liability company is a relatively new kind of business structure in the United States, although in other parts of the world, such as Europe and South America, this type of business structure has been around for some time. Fundamentally, the limited liability company, or LLC, combines the best of other business structures to provide business owners with another kind of opportunity to structure their business.

What to consider when choosing a commercial building color

As the old saying goes, appearance is everything, and commercial buildings are no exception. The outer appearance of a business will likely play a strong role in how customers, or potential customers, perceive the establishment even before they step foot inside the door to see what the merchant has to offer.

Ways technology creates a better customer experience

While there may still be a few holdouts, most businesses have picked up on the fact that technology can enhance operations and be a good cost-savings factor. They've also realized the many ways technology can create a better customer experience - in fact, many businesses can't function without various forms of tech these days. 

How does a denial of service attack affect a business?

A Denial of Service (DoS) attack, unlike other security compromises such as basic attacks, identity attacks, and malicious code, are created to target a server or other network component with the intent to make the site unavailable to users. Typically, in a DoS attack, the primary motive is to deny the victim access to a certain resource and this attack will "prevent legitimate users of a service from accessing that service" (Carnegie Mellon).

How to pick a location for a new business

The approach taken when choosing a location for a new business is one of the most important decisions an entrepreneur will make. There are several important factors to consider when determining where a new business will be opened. 

Ways businesses use deceptive advertising

Deceptive advertising is bad business practice, yet some business owners or managerial decision makers still opt to engage in this kind of behavior, which is generally considered to be unethical. Those who involve themselves in false presentations are almost always caught and exposed. And, in the end, no one has really benefited from it, not the advertiser and certainly not the consumer.

How branded entertainment became a staple in commercial advertising

Advertising has been around almost as long as products have been sold. While the trends of commercial advertising have evolved significantly over the years, the one constant is that companies will follow trends of where consumers will see their messages about their products. "Advertainment", also known as branded entertainment, is one trend that has picked up a lot of attention.

How to write a winning executive summary

By definition, an executive summary is a small component of a larger report. The executive summary is supposed to be written as a concise document which summarizes the highlights of and extracts key information from the long report. If you need to write an executive summary, your best bet is to learn the proper format and understand what it means to summarize.

Understanding the basics of a limited liability company (LLC)

There are three primary structures for a business, sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. However, there is a fourth option called a limited liability company, or sometimes referred to as a legal liability corporation.

Why businesses should focus on maintaining consumer confidence

Consumer confidence can be lost for a variety of reasons. Reasons for loss of customer confidence may range from selling faulty products to experiences where poor customer service was received. One of the largest reasons a company will lose customer confidence is when it possesses an inability to handle complaints and solve problems. These days companies also face the challenge of maintaining trust in light of the growing incidences of data breaches.