7 job industries that stand the test of time

Today's post takes a look at the job market. Many workers undoubtedly have noticed that over the past several years, the job market has been pretty competitive. For every position that opens up, dozens of people are likely applying. Although, even as companies scale back, coupled with other widespread economic problems, there are certain occupations that might be a bit easier for applicants to get a foot in the door.

These types of jobs are the ones that have stood the test of time, even surviving technological change or being phased out due to societal change. Occupations in these fields will most likely continue to remain a constant for future generations. According to a Houston Chronicle report, "The safest jobs are usually those that require judgment and discernment, qualities hard to replicate with technology." The report categorizes these jobs as fixers, leaders, caregivers, and educators. Many of the current in-demand jobs in various industries fall into these categories:

1. Healthcare

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Consider how many generations of doctors, nurses, emergency medical responders and similar jobs have existed over time. The healthcare industry has always been present in some shape or form, even long before issues such as licensing and insurance existed. 
The good news is for people interested in healthcare jobs, the future forecast for employment is extremely solid. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor for the last several years, many jobs falling under the healthcare umbrella will continue to grow at a faster than average pace in the future. While insurance and laws change the structure of how healthcare works (even adding new types of jobs), caregiving is an industry that will continue to stand the test of time.

2. Law enforcement

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As long as there are laws in society, there will be a need for law enforcement. Primarily this industry is in the government sector, however, there are many consultants that do investigative work and work with authorities.
Additionally, computer forensics is a field that is expected to boom. Law enforcement, as an industry, is one that will stand the test of time through any ups and downs in an economy.  As long as crimes exist, there will be investigative roles needing to be filled.

3. Skilled professionals

Electricians, plumbers, and car mechanics, to name a few, are timeless types of occupations. Skilled repairmen will always be needed as long as society relies upon appliances, vehicles and other modern conveniences. While the details of the jobs may change as technology progresses, experts will always be needed.

4. Science and research

In order for societies to be progressive, research has to be conducted. Without science and subsequent development of ideas and theories, societies would cease to advance. From ancient times to the present, science is a field that has evolved and has branched out to many areas. However, throughout all the changes, remains a constant as an industry.

5. Interpreters

Interpreters have stood the test of time. According to Wake Forest University, interpreters date back thousands of years. The first evidence of written interpretation dates back to 3,000 BC. Nowadays, businesses and governments rely upon heavy interaction across the globe. As countries continue to contribute to a global economy, interpreters will continue to be needed in order to facilitate communications and to translate information.

6. Teachers

Schooling is an industry that will always have a place in society. Whether at the kindergarten or college level, educating is a constant. Today's teaching industry has significantly expanded as people often send their children to preschool. Additionally, with a competitive job market, the consumer demand for higher education continues to rise.

7. Technology

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While not as old as many other professions, technology is here to stay. Even though the Houston Chronicle notes the timeless jobs tend to not need technology, technology is a field in itself with lots of niches within the industry. As such, many of these jobs will stand the test of time as the future arrives. And with seemingly more need is cybersecurity.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics has been saying for years that technology jobs are going to grow faster than average. Modern society relies upon technology and, to keep up with demand, this industry will continue to innovate and grow, creating many different types of jobs as it progresses. BLS repeatedly states each year that information security will continue to grow at a faster pace than many fields.

There are some industries that have been around for centuries, and based on societal needs, will continue to be in demand in times to come. While job descriptions may evolve, fundamentally, the jobs themselves will stay very much in demand.


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